Everything in our world must undergo a metamorphosis in order to become something great. Reinvention shows the world your every side: the interesting, the imaginative, the innovative, and the creative. For more than 50 years, sportswear powerhouse, Nike, has shown the world that it has mastered the arts of innovation and athleticism through constant development and ever-changing strategies. Originally formed under the name Blue Ribbon Sports, the company got its start when University of Oregon track star Phil Knight teamed up with his coach Bill Bowerman to work as distributors for a brand of Japanese running shoes. 

Now, 54 years after its birth, Nike has undergone numerous changes, having endured the highs and lows of economic times, shifts in trends, and even attempts to be overthrown by others brands. Despite various instances of uncertainty in the market, one thing always remained clear, greatness has no peak and Nike will never give in. Built for winners, the brand’s dynamic growth signals that its worldwide association with success comes from its ability to always push forward towards the powerful and the positive. Nike embodies the coolness of the contemporary with its use of colorful trims and unique designs sprawled across unconventional forms of fabrication suited for every kind of lifestyle. Fashion meets functionality with performance-based technical pieces for true athletes and the casual chic athleisure streetwear of trendy urbanites. Now, with new added focus on its environmental impact, Nike holds its position and reinforces that it is no ordinary brand. It preserves its status as king not by taking away or creating divisions and limitations but by giving something substantial to the planet and everyone that inhabits it. In a world where it is easier to remain the same, Nike continues to lead by example and proves that if you want to be the driving force of change you wish to see in the world, sometimes you have to ‘Just Do It.’

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