4 best Under Armour Spotlight soccer cleats

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In 2016, one of the very the first releases of the Under Armour Spotlight soccer cleat took place. A silo that replaced the brand’s well-known speed cleat, Speedform. While loved by patrons, many have agreed it was high time for Under Armour’s speed collection to be taken up a notch, hence, Under Armour Spotlight was created.

Receiving a warm welcome from the market including critics and soccerers alike, the silo has a lot to offer, especially those looking for speed on the pitch.

Under Armour Spotlight first generation release

best under armour spotlight soccer cleats
Best Under Armour Spotlight soccer cleats - November 2019

Sporting a soft synthetic upper that envelops the foot, delivering just the right amount of comfort without the lengthy break in period. The upper material is designed to produce fresh out of the box comfort experience for players.

Reported to have a tighter fit than the Speedform collection, it’s unsurprising to know that the soccer cleat has a side cage system incorporated into the Under Armour Spotlight soccer cleat’s upper and lacing system. Designed like raised panels positioned on either side of the shoe, this feature is meant to add durability and strength. This feature does not in any way affect performance.

The lightweight Pebax outsole features six uniquely-shaped studs in the forefoot while a singular stud is placed in the center of the midfoot area. The heel area is also dotted with four evenly-placed studs. A gradual increase in stud length can be observed starting with the shortest one in the front and the longest ones placed in the heel area.

Under Armour Spotlight 2.0  

The second-generation release of the Under Armour Spotlight soccer cleat was controversial to say the least. The brand made a bold move when they decided to include an otherwise unusual feature in the construction of their soccer cleats - zippers. Yes, zippers.  A zipper is incorporated into the model’s upper, acting as an enclosure for the lacing system. While there are mixed opinions on whether this feature is a good or bad move, one can truthfully say that the shoe has made an impression to many, while Under Armour has effectively made themselves stand out from other brands.

The upper used in the 2.0 model is a soft microfiber which allows a close-to-the-foot touch on the ball. The material is considered to be a much improved version of the original. The soleplate is created with carbon fiber which is well-known for its responsiveness. Also, an internal heel counter which promotes protection for the foot is incorporated into the model.

Under Armour Spotlight vs Speedform

Overhauling a tried and tested collection like the Under Armour Speedform is not a bad move especially when done right. That’s what the brand had managed to do when they launched the new Under Armour Spotlight soccer cleat silo. Essentially just making improvements from the Speedform silo, the two collections have more similarities than differences.

Right away, one of the most apparent updates applied to the Under Armour Spotlight soccer cleat release is the shoe’s overall design. While the Speedform is known for its contoured toe box construction, the newly released model went for a more traditional shape.

Another notable difference is the zippers incorporated into the Under Armour Spotlight 2.0 release. While the Speedform silo stuck to a traditional lacing system in their models, the Spotlight was more experimental, especially with the second generation model.

Other than these notable changes, the two collections were relatively similar in their construction especially for the fact that Under Armour intended both collections to feature speed boots.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any special/ limited edition releases for Under Armour Spotlight collection?

Yes, Under Armour did make several special edition releases for the Spotlight silo. Here are some notable ones:

  • Under Armour Spotlight - 20th Anniversary Edition. The look of the anniversary model’s release was stunning with its metallic silver base and black elements in the upper. It also featured a Speedform technology together with a seamless molded heel cup.
  • Under Armour DreamChaser. A limited-edition release of the Under Armour Spotlight soccer cleat was created to honor Memphis Depay. The soccer cleat’s name was inspired by celebrated player’s passion for chasing his dreams. The first and second-generation release of Depay’s soccer cleats design was inspired by the athlete’s tattoos. The first cleat’s look featured Egyptian designs while the second model featured a tattoo design similar to the one inked on Depay’s chest.

What are the Under Armour colorways available for the Spotlight collection?

The colorways for the first and second-generation releases were featured in the traditional black and white colorway. Another option is the more playful rocket red/ high vis yellow/ black release as well as a black/ viper green colorway for the second generation model.

In 2018, the Under Armour Spotlight ‘Tokyo Lemon’ soccer model was released which is to be sported by Memphis Depay.

Who is the soccer player associated with the Spotlight collection?

The soccer star mostly associated with the UA Spotlight silo is Memphis Day. Several Spotlight model designs were inspired by the athlete including releases that sported tattoo designs that the player has.

3 best Under Armour Spotlight soccer cleats

  1. Under Armour Spotlight BL Firm Ground
  2. Under Armour Spotlight DL Firm Ground
  3. Under Armour Spotlight Indoor
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