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11 reasons to buy

  • The Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn low-top sneaker is convenient for everyday use.
  • It provides an adequate fit, noted by many.
  • It isn’t heavy on the feet; some even mentioned it feels like a pair of cozy slippers.
  • Well recommended for long walks, brought up by several reviewers.
  • Its stuffed collar and adequate cushioning on the inlay sole provide comfort to the feet, cited by many.
  • Its fabric cover is made of light material which makes the entire weight of the shoe less than expected.
  • The Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn is a decent and classy shoe design that comes with leather laces.
  • The available colors, excellent, fit, and satisfactory comfort are some of the reasons why many buyers decided to purchase more than one pair.
  • Exceptional value for a signature shoe with outstanding quality.
  • It’s a stylish sneaker which can be easily coordinated with autumn, spring, and summer clothing.
  • Its sole will last for a lot, imparted by several purchasers.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Some users would have liked it better if this shoe came in different width selections.
  • At least one wearer reported that the top inner lining of the shoe peeled off and cannot be mended.
  • The top of the shoe may tend to be wrinkly.
  • The sole is beginning to come undone in less than a month.

Bottom line

The Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn is an invitation for consumers to go for the preppy look. Not only does it matches well with a buttoned-down oxford shirt, polo shirt, blazers, and chinos, but it is also made to smarten up one’s look with its use of fabrics other than the typical canvas. Although there are no wild techs integrated into its rather simple façade, this sneaker comes comfortably with the use of breathable and flexible textiles, as well as sufficient cushioning around the collar and footbed.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn
Price: $80
Colorways: Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red, White
Small True to size Large
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Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn comes in men’s sizes that stretch from 7 to 17 US in D standard width dimension. Women buyers who want the same look may obtain a men’s size that’s 1.5 lower than their usual women’s size. Adjusting the fit of this shoe is easy with its standard lacing system made of 5 pairs of brass metal eyelets.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn has a simple façade rich with exquisite detailing that echoes the strength of the brand with fabrics, textures, and colors. Its soft textile upper is made of a selection of lightweight fabrics which are accentuated by faux leather laces that come in navy and brown and hints of the same material on the tongue, heel counter, and heel patch. The brand’s mastery in fabrics is seen in the assortment of covers available for the Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn model.

Apart from the customary canvas linen, this shoe is obtainable with a chambray cloth cover which has a striking resemblance with denim; supple and velvety corduroy, marked with ridges. It also utilized the soft tweed cloth which is a woolen fabric; breathable tattersall cloth with a plaid pattern; smooth sweatshirt fleece made of 60 percent cotton; and very fine, soft woven cotton flannel. Also included in its roster is the rough and absorbent flax linen valued for its cooling properties, as well as the sheer and porous yet partly stiff open weave fabric.

Whichever style and color you pick, the low-top Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn creates an excellent match with a short sleeve knit tee, soft touch collared shirt, fitted Henley with solid jeans or neatly rolled up low-rise pants for less formal night outs. You can also wear this with a plain tee under tapered pants and tailored jacket creased at mid-arm. Or go classic with a tucked soft polo with rolled-up sleeves and mid-thigh shorts that’s finished off with a leather belt, for a chic urban look.

Careful attention to material is the highlight of the Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn. Its gilt-edged fabrics accentuated by leather are no ordinary choices. Essentially the combination of these details puts a sophisticated twist to its rather simple, clean façade. Achieving an elite look, however, isn’t the only proponent of this shoe that makes it a cut among the rest. Comfort is another vital element of the Vaughn shoes which can be obtained with its leather-lined padded collar and cushioned insole.

Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn speaks of the time-honored strengths of the brand as a creator of classic and premium-grade products with a touch of class and refinement.

Back in time, since the establishment of the Ralph Lauren Corporation in 1967, the Polo Ralph Lauren commodities are regarded as gems, aspired by many but realizable by just a few. The recession that hit the US market in the 1990s changed the course of the Ralph Lauren story. Such period was a slump in the books of hyper-luxury brands. Manufacturers were battled against discounts while they attempted to restate themselves as signature labels for the affluent.

Brands such as Ralph Lauren had to step down from the ladder and be within reach among middle-wage earners. To augment the economic decline, the brand came up with merchandises that are more affordable to consumers, which is something unexpected for a label that’s been long known for exclusivity. We saw the changes through the drop of budget-friendly releases under Ralph Lauren’s numerous sub-brands.

The Lauren Ralph Lauren segment is one of the typical examples. It launched a line of women’s wear in 1996 that meant to supply low-cost price range of activewear, accessories, and footwear to consumers. Its men’s line consisting of tailored suits, tuxedos, topcoats, dress shirts, dress pants, ties, and sports coats were also offered at a cheaper price index more than ever.

One of the grand changes is on the Polo Ralph Lauren division. Long before the other sub-categories of the brand appeared on the shelves, there was the Polo Ralph Lauren, initially catered to the male market. It may well be considered as the Ralph Lauren’s firstborn which saw how the brand flourished into becoming a staple luxury label it is now.

When the Ralph Lauren was incorporated in the 1960s, Ralph Lauren found a perfect avenue to market its products which at that time evolved around men’s elite wear. The Bloomingdales department store in New York was Ralph Lauren’s groundwork where the first Polo Ralph Lauren men’s line was made available.

Fast forward to the present time, the Polo Ralph Lauren’s department continually manufactures economical lifestyle wear which includes casual sneakers with a hint of sophistication. The low-top Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn is one of the well-thought-out footwear styles which are composed of soft textile and leather detailing.

  • The Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn oxford-inspired fashion sneaker that uses faux rawhide laces and comes in two shades.
  • The outsole is made of grooved rubber with a pivot point at the ball of the feet.
  • The Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn Saddle is another variation of the Vaughn collection which has a striking resemblance to an oxford-cut dress shoe. It uses suede on the front and heel.
  • An easy-to-wear version is also available, called the Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn Slip-On.


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